Based in Wellington, New Zealand (b.1989) 

I deal in the removal and representation of images, which are grounded in the act of searching and collecting screen captures of existing found film footage. In their original state these stills are blanketed in obscurity and isolation, but through a process of departure and adaptation into paint these elements are elevated. This allows exploration of tensions that lie between figuration and abstraction, and sets up a continuous and ongoing dialogue between the two. The original image is transcended and it is the paint itself that challenges the hierarchy of the figurative subject. Ideas are investigated around painting as an object through my hand made, often unusually shaped support structures, which play off and against the surface.


2012                           Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (hons)
                                   University of Canterbury, School of Fine Arts,
                                   Christchurch, New Zealand

2008 – 2011             Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Majoring in Painting
                                  University of Canterbury, School of Fine Arts,
                                  Christchurch, New Zealand


2012                          Bickerton-Widdowson Trust Memorial Scholarship, University of
2012                          College of Arts Honours Scholarship, University of Canterbury
2011                          Harry van der Lecq Painting Scholarship, New Zealand


2017                          Doubles and Trebles(Reprise), Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2017                          Shot Silk, Bartley and Company Gallery, Wellington
2017                          Swept Under, PG Gallery , Christchurch
2017                          Slow Burning, Meanwhile, Wellington
2017                          Doubles and Trebles, a collaborative exhibition with Emily Hartley-                                                  Skudder, RAMP Gallery, Hamilton
2016                          The Big Swim, 30 Courtenay Place,Wellington              
2016                          Group Exhibition, PG Gallery, Christchurch
2015                          Three Painters, Bartley and Company, Wellington
2014                           Indefinite Article, Chambers 241, Christchurch
2014                           Young & Gifted, New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts
2014                           Adding C, D, and E, Toi Poneke Gallery, Wellington
2013                           Annual Wallace Award, Pah Homestead, Auckland
2013                           Remake, New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington
2012                           Select, Ilam campus Gallery, Christchurch
2012                           Pretty Things, The Colombo Gallery, Christchurch
2012                           It’s a Small World, Painted, Artist run space, Dunedin
2012                           PG, Casting Room, Christchurch
2011                           Dreaming of Electric Sheep, SFA Ilam Gallery, Christchurch
2011                           Going Underground, Casting Room, Christchurch
2010                          Three, SFA Ilam Gallery, Christchurch
2009 – 11                 Skub Salon, SFA Ilam Gallery, Christchurch


Ocula Profile 

Giving Painting a Push (Mark Amery, 2017

Emily Hartley-Skudder and Hamish Coleman, talk about Doubles and Trebles - a collaborative exhibition at Ramp Gallery (Apr 2017)  

Interview with Meredith Leigh Crowe 03/02/15